Japanese Beetles

Great, Japanese Beetle season is upon us. You’ll recognize them by their metallic green back with copper wings. About this time every year, they emerge and feed for about 30-45 days. Japanese Beetles feed in groups, and therefore, can wreak havoc in no time.

Japanese Beetle damage is mostly cosmetic, they will chew on leaves and essentially leave a tree or shrub bare and sad. If you are okay with that, beetle control is not essential. However, if you would like to combat them, there a couple different options.

  1. Traps
    1. Some people love them, some people hate them, and there is research that argues both sides. Japanese Beetle Pheromone Traps attract them to the bag and collect them. Many argue that more beetles come to your yard, because of the trap, and cause more damage than they do good. Others believe that it does, in fact, reduce the damage and use them every year, emptying them when they are full.
  2. Insecticide Spray
    1. We recommend Sevin Insect Killer as a highly effective, easy product that is gentle on plants. Begin applying at the first sign of beetles, on days with little wind, and no rain in the forecast. During heavy infestation, you can apply Sevin every 5-10 days.

While we can dread Japanese Beetles every summer, sooner or later, they will disappear and our trees and shrubs will be okay!


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