Tim and Toby Rost established Salt Creek Tree Farms, a division of Rost, Inc., in 1985. With 400 acres of growing fields, we are able to supply many of our own trees to the distribution lot and Superior Garden Center. Salt Creek Tree Farms grows almost 50 varieties, specializing in crabapples and maples.

Choosing to grow our own trees offers many benefits, one of the most important being transplant shock reduction. Many trees experience shock when being transplanted to new climates or locations. Our trees, grown in the same climate and soils, experience less shock when planted at your home or business.

In the past few years, we have also expanded into growing a selection of shrubs on our Salt Creek Container Lot. This allows us to always have a supply of our more frequently used shrubs and perennials. Our homegrown plants are grown in larger containers than what is most common, for those customers wanting an immediate impact in newly planted landscapes.

Rost Inc has been in business 34 years, since 1985 - Graphic

Our Roots

Rost, Inc. began in 1985 with a vision of creating stunning and unique landscapes for central Missouri. Founders Tim and Toby Rost began landscaping while attending the University of Missouri.