Outdoor Lighting is Visually Appealing, Yet Practical.

Outdoor Lighting is one of the most underestimated aspects of landscape design. Installing landscape lighting enhances your property in three ways: accented property features, added security, and increased time for enjoyment of your outdoor space. We believe that a quality outdoor lighting design and installation will help your home be it’s best, allowing you to feel safer, and creating a more enjoyable entertainment space. Allow our design team and install crews to transform the look and feel of your property.

What can Outdoor Lighting do for you?

  1. Landscape & walkway lights enhance your home’s curb appeal: create a warm and welcoming first impression.
  2. Increase your living space and extend your outdoor entertaining time
  3. Improve the safety of your property for family, guest, employees, and customers by illuminating pathways, stairs, and entryways
  4. Increase home security by eliminating dark spaces on your property with exterior lighting
  5. Low voltage fence lighting can accentuate your landscaping features
  6. Add value to your home and create more appeal for prospective buyers
  7.  Keep costs low with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED landscape lighting

Start the Outdoor Lighting Process

Do you have outdoor lighting ideas? Are you wondering how to choose the right outdoor lighting? Our lighting consultants will work with the architecture of your home as well as your existing landscape or with your landscape designer to create a custom outdoor lighting solution that will perfectly complement your home and suit your needs.

Rost Inc. has helped many Mid-Missouri homeowners and business owners illuminate their property and enhance it’s atmosphere and security through thoughtful design, the finest lighting products, and safe installation.

Contact a Designer today to schedule an initial consultation. Your home is one of your biggest investments and deserves to look it’s best, so if you’re interested in landscape lighting, contact us today and we can offer you a no-pressure, no-commitment way to see your home in a new light with a free nighttime demo. 

We’ll meet you, plan your custom Outdoor lighting design, professionally install, and maintain your lightscape, all while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

  • Curb Appeal Lighting to accentuate architectural features
  • Landscape Lighting highlighting notable design elements
  • Outdoor Living Space Lighting to increase entertainment time
  • Path & Stair Lighting for safety and liability
  • Pool & Fountain Lighting for increased visibility and use

Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Elements

  • Path Lights
    Offer safe illumination for walkways while highlighting landscape features along the way.
  • Accent lights
    Add texture, contrast, and interest while accentuating a featured plant or highlighting stonework or gathering area.
  • Wall lights
    Will increase safety by defining perimeters and enhancing architectural features.
  • Underwater Lights
    Adds illumination to ponds, fountains, or water features to enhance the beauty and make it stand out.

Advantages of our state of the art LED Exterior Lighting:

  • Unprecedented 10 year parts warranty
    Energy Efficient–require 80% less voltage than halogen bulbs
  • Longer Lamp Life-change bulbs less frequently (50,000 hours or more)
  • You can even manage your outdoor lighting with your smartphone via Wi-Fi! Not the short Bluetooth range like others on the market.
  • Dimming & Color Changing Capabilities of over 30,000 colors!
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Security and Safety
  • Superior Reliability
  • Heat Reduction–reduces risk of burn or fire
  • Light pathways, patios, and property boundaries
  • Trouble-Free Service and maintenance

Need Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Next Project? Start a Conversation with our Team:

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