Fall Interest

While working on our yards in spring, it’s tempting to purchase the flowers that are currently in bloom. But one of the most common mistakes we see in DIY landscaping is a lack of seasonal interest–don’t forget to consider what your yard will look like the remaining three seasons of the year. When most of the flowers are bloomed out and the leaves begin to fade, what can you plant this spring to keep your yard interesting in fall? Here are some great and easy options to incorporate:

Blooms & Berries:  Fall is when many plants start producing berries. These can come in all types of colors from pink and red, to whites and blues. A few good examples are Viburnum, Snowberry, Beautyberry, and Winterberry. Another form of color is a few select flowers that bloom in the fall. Asters, mums, and sedums are a few showy perennials that give pollinators a last bit of food for the year.

Foliage & Texture: The most noticeable change in the fall are leaves. Some plants are known for their strong fall foliage. For example, Oak Leaf hydrangeas develop into a purple to orange tone. Sumacs and Virginia Sweetspire both turn into strong reds. Other trees and shrubs like Witch Hazel can display a full range from yellow to red. Grasses are an amazing filler in the fall. This is the time they produce their feather like seed heads. On top of the texture interest, there are varieties that have colored leaf blades. Some varieties like Morning Light Maiden grass are variegated. Others like Red October Grass’s leaf blade tips turn purple, and shifts to a red as fall approaches. It’s even better when you can get multiple seasons of interest out of one plant. Some plants you may already have in your landscape may have a great fall texture that was never noticed, or pruned off. Some dried blooms, such as hydrangeas, add another component to your yard. The large dried blooms add fullness to the landscape as the leaves fall to the ground.

Non-Plants: If you’re trying to fill in other empty spaces with color, you might try getting some temporary fixes. Gourds and Pumpkins are readily available in all sizes, colors, patters, and textures in the fall. The display well on straw bales or around fun colorful containers. Planting pots or sections of your landscape with fun annuals will add the largest impact. This is a really creative and easy way to freshen up your yard for holiday guests.

Trust me, we know how hard it is to resist the spring plants, lush with color, and it’s hard to consider other plants that aren’t as exciting at the time of purchase but when that cool weather hits, and you want to get back outdoors you’ll be glad you kept all seasons in mind for your landscape.


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