New Sod Care

New sod care is critical–here are our recommendations for ensuring the best success for your new sod, followed by regular maintenance.


IMMEDIATELY (we cannot stress this enough) after the sod is installed it must be watered thoroughly.  This is the most critical watering.  The sod must be wet, as well as the ground below it.  Check by lifting a corner of the sod.  The first time will take approximately 20 minutes of sprinkling to soak through.  Watch that all CORNERS OR POINTS are thoroughly saturated since these areas dry out more quickly.  After this first watering, sod must be kept wet for about 2 weeks.  It does not have to be standing in water but well saturated.  You cannot over water.  Subsequent sprinklings won’t take as much water since the ground should be fairly moist- approximately 10 minutes.  On hot sunny or windy days it will need more water and less on cloudy days.  Watch the overall appearance, sod will take on a gray cast if it is wilting.  After 2 weeks, let the sod go longer periods without watering.  Within a month you should be watering like an established lawn.


Fertilizer is important for sod to remain healthy, weed free, and retain good color. It is highly recommended that you get on a balanced program after establishment of your new sod.


Begin mowing the new sod when it has reached a length of 4-5″. Mow to 2 1/2-3″ with a SHARP blade being careful on any soft spots. Blades should be sharpened at least once during mowing season.


Any sign of trouble on sod should be treated immediately. Contact your lawn care professionals to treat disease.



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