Highlighting with Hardscapes

With the many changing trends in landscaping, the use of natural stone is a timeless choice.  It is a favorite material of many designers because it is durable and beautiful.  Natural stone is very versatile and looks good in any style of landscape, from rustic to modern.  An added hardscape element brings extra variety to the landscape and creates a more interesting outdoor space.  You would be amazed at what adding a few well-placed boulders to your green space can do.  Here are some great ways to utilize natural stone:

Accent Boulders and Outcropping – Accent boulders are a simple way to incorporate stone into your garden.  Believe it or not, there really is an art to placing boulders.  You want it to look like the boulder was already there and the garden was formed around it, not the other way around.  Using boulders of different shapes and sizes helps to add variety.  Use a long slender boulder stood upright to make a statement.  Boulders can be functional as well.  You can create boulder outcroppings to help retain slopes on your property.  This gives your landscape a more natural look compared to building a wall of man-made blocks.

Stone Walkways – Stone walkways help draw the eye to areas of interest, and define where foot traffic belongs.  Stone walkways are generally more appealing than concrete walkways, and look great leading up to your front door.  Natural stone weathers nicely and is extremely durable.  If you have stone veneer on your house, you can match it to the color of the stone in your walkways for a unified look.

Stone Patios and Outdoor Living– There is a vast amount of stone choices for patios.  Stone can come in both irregular as well as dimensional shapes, and there are numerous colors to choose from.  Brown and beige irregular flagstone looks great in a rustic landscape.  Grey and white dimensional stone works well in a modern or formal design.  Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can be built from natural stone.  Using stone on these features gives you the ability for further customization.  The options are endless!  Using natural stone ensures your patio project will be truly unique.

Dry Creek Bed – Dry creek beds are a great solution to problem areas on your property where water erodes the landscape.  The area of your property that you could never keep looking good is now one of its best features.  Small or large gravel is used for majority of the feature to help stop erosion.  I recommend mixing in some large boulders to help make the dry creek bed look more natural.

Other great ways to incorporate stone are: stone edging, waterfalls, firepits, stone walls, and stone columns.

When thinking about your next landscape project, I highly recommend considering natural stone.  You can let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities that stone offers.  Hiring a qualified designer is a great way to refine your ideas, and create a concept that you love.


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