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A full scale landscape company takes the entire property into consideration to maximize the potential of a blank space. This includes many other features beyond plants and patios. Fencing and gates, irrigation, and landscape lighting are factors that must be given attention when planning a landscape renovation. Technology has opened doors for the most appealing, functional, and user-friendly fencing, irrigation and lighting systems to create the best possible landscape design.


While there may not be a lot to discuss when it comes to fencing and gates, they are important. Used to define a space, security, pets, kids, and pools, there are a number of reasons to consider fencing your yard or adding a driveway gate. The great thing is, fencing can not only be functional, but a focal point. Ornamental fencing can be a feature itself. It comes in a variety of styles and designs, from easy to order stock fencing and gates, to custom designed.


We all know how unpredictable and inconsistent Missouri weather can be, so irrigation is a significant part of a full scale landscape design. The real purpose of irrigation is to protect  your investment. It simplifies your life, is easy to maintain, and is worry-free. Innovative technology has increased the benefits of an irrigation system. Rain sensors and smart controllers  allow for watering to be scheduled on specific days, at specific times, for a specific length of time; all while adjusting based on weather conditions. Water usage is minimized, saving you money, all while maintaining the health of your lawn and landscape. Irrigation systems can be installed at  any time, not just while you are undergoing a landscape project. And, they are easy to maintain after install with service professionals who will activate, perform city-mandated backflow  testing, winterize your system, and make repairs.


Landscape lighting has come a long way in the last few years with technology opening doors to new, user-friendly systems. Halogen lights on a timer have now been replaced with LED lights set as zones, with dimming and color changing capabilities (all of which can be controlled from your phone!). LED lighting provides many advantages such as energy efficiency,  heat reduction, and fixture lifespan. Requiring about 80% less voltage, LED’s lower energy costs and provides a longer lamp life. Traditional lighting fixtures could become very hot, LED’s create  much less heat and include temperature sensors. And finally, LED’s can last 50,000 hours,  reducing worry and maintenance. Landscape lighting designs can be very simple, or very ornate  and complex, and everything in between but it is both an art and a science that needs to be carefully planned. In some cases, well-designed landscape lighting can make an outdoor space look better at night, than during the day, but either way, landscape lighting doubles the usability of space making it a great feature to consider in an outdoor living space.

Jake Frink is a Columbia native who enjoys working and playing in outdoor spaces. He has a degree in plant science and landscape design from MU. With Rost Landscaping for nearly 18 years, Jake is the Design Manager. His natural talent for creating beautiful outdoor spaces gives him a huge sense of satisfaction. Jake considers himself to be a very lucky husband as well as a lucky dad of three great kids.



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