Custom Homes

If you are building a custom home, it is really easy to get caught up in all the decisions of construction and interior design and forget about landscaping until the last minute. We might be a bit biased, but don’t underestimate the impact landscaping can have on the look of a finished house. So, here is my advice on a few details to consider as you plan and build your new custom home.

  1. Consider a realistic landscape budget—There is nothing worse than building your dream home and not being able to finish it off with proper landscaping. Keep in mind irrigation, lawn, landscaping, and hardscapes for all of your outdoor spaces and add up a budget that works with your overall budget.
  2. Include your landscape designer early—Small details can often be overlooked but make a huge difference. Too often, we see a brand new house that could have been even more inviting with just a few small tweaks to something as simple as a driveway or sidewalk layout. It might be fully functional, but there is nothing we can do to improve the aesthetics if we come in at the very end of the project. Plus, if nothing else, for a cohesive look, design your home and landscape together.
  3. Plan ahead—There are a lot of elements of landscape design that should be considered early in the construction process. Grade changes, walls, patios, and outdoor spaces should not be an after-thought. There is a lot a landscape crew can do that is purposeful and preventative that is much more cost effective, rather than trying to correct a problem later on. It is important to know how you intend to utilize your yard and what features you would like to include. Designers then take those elements into consideration while balancing what will work best with your particular piece of property such as lot size and location, foundation, and elevation.

A custom home should look and feel just that—custom. For what is comparatively, just a little more of an investment, you can make your new home stand apart from the sea of homes popping up all around you. Consider these guidelines and talk specifics with your designer, and we can promise, you will feel the difference when you pull into to your new dream home.




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