Custom Container Design

Custom plant container by Rost Landscaping

Container gardening is an easy way to add splashes of color to your outdoor living space or make for a great gift that can be changed out each season, and enjoyed for years to come. Bring your containers to Superior Garden Center, or find a new and unique one at the store, and allow us to specially design a container for you. Custom container planting pricing is based on the plants used, plus an additional 30% fee for pro-mix and labor.


We are happy to deliver product within a twenty mile radius of Midway. Common deliveries include mulch & rock, trees and shrubs and are left in the driveway. 
Give us a call or order online and we’ll get you the materials you need to spruce up your yard!

Delivery fees are as follows:

  • Zone 1: $25/ round trip (within 5 miles of SGC)
  • Zone 2: $45/ round trip (within 10 miles of SGC)
  • Zone 3: $50/ round trip (within 20 miles of SGC)

Please keep in mind that bulk products will mix, therefore if you are purchasing multiple products, multiple deliveries may be needed. Weight is also a consideration with bulk products and only certain amounts of each product can be loaded at a time, so additional delivery fees may apply. Call (573) 442-9499 for more details.

Tree & Shrubs Plantings

All of the trees and shrubs purchased at Superior Garden Center can be planted for you. The planting fee is 60% of the regular price of the plant with a $50.00 minimum. The fee includes:

  • Contacting 1-800-DIG-RITE
  • Delivery to the site
  • Placement on property
  • Digging of hole
  • Amending of soil with topsoil
  • Placement of plants
  • Mulching with wood fiber
  • Staking, if necessary
  • 1-year warranty including re-planting (some restrictions apply)

To protect the tree and our crews, trees cannot be planted in the same spot where a previous, established tree had been. Unless the stump is ground out AND roots are dug out surrounding spot prior to planting, the new tree must be planted 10 feet from the previous spot.

Rost Inc has been in business 34 years, since 1985 - Graphic

Our Roots

Rost, Inc. began in 1985 with a vision of creating stunning and unique landscapes for central Missouri. Founders Tim and Toby Rost began landscaping while attending the University of Missouri.