Six Plants for Summer Color

rows of landscaping with bushes, hydrangeas and trees next to a brick building

When it comes time to think about which plants you are going to use for your upcoming landscape project, you may be surprised at how many options are out there.  When trying to achieve variety in the landscape I always want to emphasize seasonal color.  One of the biggest mistakes I see homeowners make is […]

A Watering Guide For New Plants

green plants near a patio with a sprinkler system spraying on them

Did you know? The leading cause to plant death in new landscapes isn’t pests or disease. It’s overwatering or underwatering plants, which, by the way, have very similar symptoms including: leaves wilting or dropping, changing colors, or needles turning brown. So, let’s talk proper watering so you can offer your plants the best chance at […]

If Trees Could Talk

By Annie Bonderer If trees could talk, they would have a lot of stories. Some would tell stories of kids growing up in backyards, and some would tell you about the life of a couple they memorialize, while others would speak of the new homeowners they celebrated. Whether for ornamental, shade, or screening purposes, among […]

New Sod Care

New sod care is critical–here are our recommendations for ensuring the best success for your new sod, followed by regular maintenance. WATERING ~ IMMEDIATELY (we cannot stress this enough) after the sod is installed it must be watered thoroughly.  This is the most critical watering.  The sod must be wet, as well as the ground […]

It’s Not Too Late to Fertilize

  How to Fertilize a Tree The main reason to fertilize trees and shrubs is to bolster their health so they are better prepared to fight off pests, disease, and environmental stresses. While fertilizer can’t solve all of the tree’s problems, it will go a long way to give it a fighting chance. Does my […]