Drought Resistant Plants

Stone paver walkway from driveway to door with landscaping on either side.

Landscaping in Missouri can be challenging when it comes to dealing with unpredictable weather patterns.  If you remember last year’s drought, we know it was tough to keep landscapes looking great.  Despite this, it is possible to create a beautiful landscape that is more drought-resistant by picking the right plants.  In this article, we will explore a few great options for a drought resistant plants that will help you conserve water and maintain a great outdoor space even when conditions are less than ideal. 


This is an herbaceous perennial that is noteworthy for it numerous and long-lasting lavender-blue blooms.  Catmint flowers are a pollinator magnet, making them a great option for butterfly gardens.  Catmint is a great way to add pops of color to any landscape. 

    Little Bluestem

    This ornamental grass is a native species with deep fibrous roots that make it very well suited for drought-resistance in Missouri.  It boasts a striking blue-green foliage that turns a copper color in fall adding an extra season of color and interest.  Its soft texture can add variety to any landscape. 

    Prairie Dropseed

    This is another native grass that is well adapted to Missouri’s climate.  This ornamental grass is mounding with a fine textured foliage and a delicate seed head which gives it its elegant look.  Incorporating numerous textures into your landscape adds visual interest. 

    False Indigo

    Also known as baptisia, this is a great low maintenance plant that provides spring color.  They are available in purple, blue, yellow, and even pink.  False indigo can be planted in masses or works as a focal point making it a versatile option.


    Coming in all shapes and sizes, junipers are an extremely low maintenance evergreen shrub option.  Because they come in such a wide range of shapes and sizes, they are an easy plant to utilize for everything from privacy screens to ground cover. 


    Commonly known as ornamental onions, these herbaceous perennials have a distinctive globe shaped bloom.  They come in numerous colors from purple to pink and white.  They area resistant to not only drought but also pests and disease making these an appealing option. 


    Also known as Stonecrop, Sedum is a Missouri-hardy succulent that is most often recognized for its interesting foliage.  It comes in both mounding and ground cover forms as well as multiple colors from blue to green and also burgundy and yellow.  Sedum, like many succulents, can thrive in challenging conditions including poor soil and drought.  As a bonus, sedum is another perennial that attracts numerous pollinators. 

    Incorporating drought resistant plants into your landscape is a great way to keep your garden low maintenance.  By doing so, you can also help ensure your outdoor space looks great, even in the face of Missouri’s sometimes challenging weather conditions.  Talking to the staff at Superior Garden Center or hiring a qualified designer is a great way to get guidance on your plant selections. 


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