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Winterizing Your Irrigation System
Believe it or not, it is officially time to shut down your irrigation system for the year. Despite the...
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Custom Homes
If you are building a custom home, it is really easy to get caught up in all the decisions of construction...
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30 years ago, Tim and Toby Rost’s office was right next to the (now non-existent) mini golf course on...
Outdoor Structures
The Problem: One major problem with new landscapes is just that, they are new. Trees, obviously, cannot...
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Japanese Beetles
Japanese Beetles
Great, Japanese Beetle season is upon us. You’ll recognize them by their metallic green back with...
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Sara P Pool
Before You Dive In
Thinking about putting in a pool? After years of experience designing, installing, and teaming up with...
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Professional Pups
Opening the door of the business office you can except to see at least furry face anxiously awaiting...
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Natural vs. Native Landscaping
A “natural” landscape design can mean something different to everybody. To many, it can mean incorporating...
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Modern Landscaping by Rost Landscaping
Modern appeal
If you look closely, you will see modern homes popping up all over town. With this style increasing in...
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Fencing and Landscaping by Rost Landscaping
Full scale outdoor space
A full scale landscape company takes the entire property into consideration to maximize the potential...
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Rost Inc has been in business 34 years, since 1985 - Graphic

Our Roots

Rost, Inc. began in 1985 with a vision of creating stunning and unique landscapes for central Missouri. Founders Tim and Toby Rost began landscaping while attending the University of Missouri.