Types of Roses: What is the Difference?

Knockout and Drift Shrub roses are wonderful options for landscape designs, but what about all the others. We just received a plant shipment with lots of beautiful roses on it ranging from grandifloras, to climbing, to floribundas, to hybrid teas. So what can you expect from each of these? Keep reading to get some quick facts about each type, and check out the video below to see some that we have in stock this spring.

Hybrid Tea Rose:

Large, full blooms with strong fragrance.
Their long stems make them great for cut flowers.
They usually grow to the 4-5 foot tall range, and prefer full sun.


Cross between a tea rose and polyantha.
Named for their ‘abundance of floras’ (flowers) throughout the entire season.
Can be single or double blooms
They stay a tad smaller reaching about 3-4 foot tall, and prefer full sun.


A cross between a floribunda and a hybrid tea rose.
They combine the blooms of a Hybrid Tea, and the repetitive growth of a Floribunda.
Large blooms, clustered on stems, making them great for cut flowers.
Generally grow to be 4-6 foot tall, and prefer full sun.

Climbing Roses:

Vigorous growers, producing an abundance of blooms.
Generally large blooms, but can be in singles or clustered, and usually fragrant.
Requires an arch, arbor, pillar, fence, trellis or wall to climb.
Most bloom multiple times each season.

Miniature Roses:

Bred to stay small in size.
Smaller flowers than standard roses, but extremely hardy because they are propagated on their own roots.
Tend to rebloom profusely.


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