Rost Landscaping has worked with Midway Arms for over 20 years. They designed our first employee break area in 1989 and since have provided everything from landscaping design, planting and maintenance. When ‘Midway USA campus’ expanded from one building to two, the continuity of the landscaping design was essential, so we asked Rost to draw the design to coordinate with the work they had done on the first building. That design was then put out for bid. Rost’s bid was chosen and that work was completed. As we have needed repairs, replacements, or minor revisions to the existing plantings, Rost was always chosen to do that work. The third building of the campus is nearing completion and the landscaping design was delivered by Rost this week. Their designers understand our preferred trees and plants and try to incorporate those where possible. They are easy to work with and very professional. I personally hired them to do a major rework of landscaping at my home. The design was fresh and made the home look new. Their people are such a pleasure to work with, that I then hired them to do routing maintenance – providing weeding, watering, and colorful seasonal plantings. I have full faith in their ability to do a good job at a competitive price in a timely manner.