The team at Rost, Inc and Superior Irrigation worked to determine the timeline to implement this project and especially how to communicate and work with 107 homes. Our project took approval by the majority of the homeowners by vote. Rost, Inc. did a great job dealing with the complexity of 107 homeowners. We had frequent emails and calls from homeowners about their professionalism, unobtrusiveness, tidiness on the job site and attention to detail. Our timeline for our project was Spring/Summer 2012. In retrospect—it was a difficult year for this overhaul. As you may recall, we went quickly from a wet spring to months of no rain. We had timed the system to be down before we needed it to run but when it became hot in late spring, the system had to be run manually. This often needed to occur on weekends. Rost/Superior had the men on site to do just that so we did not lose irrigation for weeks. They really did whatever it took to keep this project going under extreme circumstances. In addition, Rost/Superior was highly effective in working with our other contractors and figuring where we could find improvements that benefited our overall operations. Without reservation, the Country Club Villas Homeowner’s Association highly recommends Superior Irrigation for irrigation analysis and installation. We do not believe any other company could have accomplished this project with the same integrity and attention to detail. Our community is very happy with the end result.