Kelly Wilsdorf - Landscape/Maintenance Design - Rost Landscaping

Kelly McBride

Job Title

Maintenance Manager, Designer, New Homeowner, Jane of All Trades, Doughnut Consumer.

Main Duties

Maintenance sales and coordination, managing maintenance crews and schedule, creating custom care plans, design work.


Eating, Camping, Gardening, Sewing, Being Outdoors and Doing Crafts.


After touring the University of Missouri I realized I was intrigued by their Plant Science Degree with an emphasis in Landscape Design. As a Columbia native, I went to daycare with the Rost kids and came to know the family very well! More than 20 years later, I was very blessed when they offered me a design intern position at Rost, Inc. which then turned into me being offered the position of Maintenance Manger. This job reveals new challenges every day that push my creative skills while meeting the client’s needs. Then, they can enjoy their outdoor space as much as their inside.