Jake Frink - Design Sales Manager - Rost Landscaping

Jake Frink

Job Title

Design/Sales Manager, Creative Mastermind, Problem Solver, Dad of Three, Harvester

Main Duties

Oversee design and sales, customer service, project management


Anything outdoors. Rain, shine, hot, cold, I’d rather be outside.


I started working for Rost, Inc. in 1999. Creating outdoor spaces and watching client’s dreams shape to reality quickly inspired me to pursue an education from the University of Missouri in landscape design. Since starting at Rost, Inc. I have gained a true appreciation for the creativity and quality of their work. I am confident that Rost, Inc. can take a client’s wants from a vision, to design, to finish product with a level of expertise unmatched by our competitors. I am proud to be a part of that exciting and creative process!