Professional Pups

Opening the door of the business office you can except to see at least furry face anxiously awaiting your entrance, but don’t be alarmed! That’s just the Rost Dogs here for their shift. Sometimes you may even find one in the greenhouse or on the lot, getting a little fresh air, or hear one barking when you call in.

One of our favorite perks of the family business is that we can bring our dogs to work, and boy do they love it too. These spoiled pups would rather hang out with us than play in the yard. They know to visit the receptionist when she finishes her yogurt in the morning so they can get the cup or to come running when they hear the lid come off the treat jar on the front counter. Then they settle in on one of the many dog beds spread around for a nap until there is someone new to greet at the door.


The Morning Shift:

Lucy, Black Lab (10) – The Boss
Loves sleeping, eating, and hunting.
Hates being bothered.

Schaefer, German Shepherd (4)—Snack Seeker
Loves toys that look like foxes, playing with Charlie.
Hates when someone else is getting attention.

The Afternoon Shift:

Molly, Black Lab (3)—The Watchdog
Loves being with people, snacks, and tug of war.
Hates sharing a dog bed.

Charlie, Brittany Spaniel (2)—Lover Boy
Loves to snuggle, sleep, and watch for birds.
Hates being told to what to do.


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Rost Inc has been in business 34 years, since 1985 - Graphic

Our Roots

Rost, Inc. began in 1985 with a vision of creating stunning and unique landscapes for central Missouri. Founders Tim and Toby Rost began landscaping while attending the University of Missouri.