“I just wanted to forward a short note to you for thank you for another successful landscape project. Rost has provided our landscaping services since the inception of this property 8 years ago.  Every year we add another phase to this ongoing project that is actually now affectionately been called The Group Home. Your company did the initial landscaping for our home and every year since its inception we continued to add projects to include waterfalls, a reflecting pool, floating tree, a steams, a fountain water feature, lighting, a play ground, irrigation, beautiful trees and plantings and a host of other landscape that has made this property a gathering place like no other.  We have hosted two weddings here just this summer and the comments on your landscape were absolutely glowing.   I love knowing that you have an entire team that understands the importance of landscape and its integral influence to the feel of a home.  I think so many people underestimate the added value it gives a home. People flock to our home because the park-like setting you have provided.  Our landscape has become a playground. I will tell you, it is the best money we have spent on this home. It is a value added expense that has a paid for itself many times over. You squeezed this latest project in the middle of a heat wave because you knew we had a wedding planned. A few trees got heat stressed and before we knew it, your team had came out and replaced the trees. Frank woke up to people out watering our trees unannounced.  I love Rost cares about our plantings as much as we do. I cannot say enough good about Jake, Nate, the irrigation team, the lighting team, and the maintenance team.  Everyone seems care about this property like it was their own. We have gotten a preview of the last wedding photos and I cannot wait to share him with you.  I know your company does high-end commercial and beautiful residential properties but, I think you will be very proud of your work here.  I know I am.”


Thank you so much for your loving care of The Group Home,